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Paradise Canyon Elementary School held its final Medieval Faire recently and attendees made sure it was a fun one.
La Cañada Elementary School families enjoyed a Friday night at the movies.
More than 300 Valentine Elementary School parents and supporters — including many of the school's staff members and San Marino city officials — gathered last weekend at Santa Anita Park for a festive Valentine Derby fundraising celebration.
Members of the Saints Felicitas and Perpetua Children's Choir brought cheer recently to Sunrise at San Marino senior living center in one of the group’s regular musical programs there.
Pasadena Christian School recently held its annual Poem Party, a celebration of song and poetry emphasizing effective communication skills.
A fundraiser for the Pasadena Community Gardens Conservancy was held recently at a restored historic home in Pasadena.

Cheers to Charity

Harambee Pushes for Peace in Northwest Pasadena

06-03-2014 Hits:321 Cheers to Charity Charlie Peters - avatar Charlie Peters

Harambee Pushes for Peace in Northwest P…

Just beyond an idyllic white picket fence on the most notorious street corner in northwest Pasadena, an imposing figure named Harlan Redmond clutches ...

Students Experience Homelessness at ‘Shantytown’

27-02-2014 Hits:388 Cheers to Charity Charlie Peters - avatar Charlie Peters

Students Experience Homelessness at ‘Sha…

The key to falling asleep on the street in the winter, according to a La Salle High School student, is finding sturdy cardboard. A dry, stiff cardboar...

Villa Esperanza on a Capital Campaign Trail

20-02-2014 Hits:177 Cheers to Charity Charlie Peters - avatar Charlie Peters

Villa Esperanza on a Capital Campaign Tr…

Most mornings for nearly 13 years, a testament to Villa Esperanza Services’ devotion could be found in the back seat of a taxicab for more than an hou...

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